Leader, Meet Thy Ear

A lot of what passes for management literature paints leadership moving in one direction: good leaders are able to either pound or sweet talk their views into their followers’ heads. Yet listening — mindful listening — can be just as important a communication skill as the power of articulation. So I was pleased to see […]

The insidious power of toxic workers

You can think of Queen’s School of Business Associate Professor Jana Raver as an organizational immunologist. Raver has built an international reputation for her scholarship in toxic workplaces: specifically, in interpersonal relations, group processes, and culture. How and why do we undermine one another? How can behaviours be shaped for the better? I interviewed Raver […]

The Faces of Fraud

I recently profiled Queen’s University School of Business accounting professor Pamela Murphy and her work on the psychology of fraud. Prof. Murphy is doing excellent research in helping us understand how people rationalize unethical or fraudulent behaviour. She says that individuals can perpetrate fraud without necessarily realizing it, and that, at times, it is difficult to distinguish […]

Women as Negotiators

When it comes to being effective negotiators, women have it tough. Either they’re reluctant to push their interests or, if they do, are tagged with being pushy for asking too much. What to do? One, the female negotiator should get smart by learning what others in the organization are doing to advance themselves. Two, she […]